What We Do

HealtheMed provides telemedicine services to underserved populations.

We start the HealtheMed service by installing the HealtheMed technology platform in the home or residence of each HealtheMed subscriber. The service-as-a-platform consists of a Smart Television, a medication dispensing device and an electronic health record in the cloud.

The Smart Television enables patients to have a telemedicine visit with their doctor and their pharmacist at home. It also enables nurses, therapists and caregivers to communicate with the patient’s doctor and pharmacist in the cloud or through the television.

The HealtheMed medication dispensing device dispenses medications to each patient at predetermined intervals throughout each day. If the patient forgets to take his medications the device sends a reminder to the patient through the television and to the HealtheMed Team.

The HealtheMed service-as-a-platform is designed to support a comprehensive plan of medication management as prescribed by each patient’s physician. This enables the patient, the doctor, the pharmacist and patient caregivers to become a team that supports the patient in completing the optimal course of medication.

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